The European Perspective top 50 albums of 2010


1.TinyfishThe Big Red Spark
2.Big Big TrainFar Skies, Deep Time
4.Frost*The Philadelphia Experiment
5.TransatlanticWhirld Tour 2010: Live In London
6.GazpachoMissa Atropos
7.AnathemaWe're Here Because We're Here
9.The Pineapple ThiefSomeone Here Is Missing
10.Dec BurkeDestroy All Monsters
11.GodsticksSpiral Vendetta
12.KaipaIn The Wake Of Evolution
13.Agents Of MercyDramarama
14.KarnatakaThe Gathering Light
15.Hasse Froberg & Musical CompanionFuture Past
16.The WatchPlanet Earth?
17.Moon SafariLover's End
18.Star OneVictims Of The Modern Age
19.The LensRegeneration
20.Mostly AutumnGo Well Diamond Heart
21.Porcupine TreeAnesthetize
22.The ReasoningAdverse Camber
23.Lunatic SoulLunatic Soul II
24.Steve HackettLive Rails
25.Morild Time To Rest
26.MotorpsychoHeavy Metal Fruit
27.Il Tempio Delle ClessidreIl Tempio Delle Clessidre
28.La Maschera Di CeraPetali Di Fuoco
29.OceansizeSelf-Preserved While The Bodies Float Up
30.IQThe Wake Live
32.Sky ArchitectExcavations Of The MindNetherlands
33.It Bites This Is Japan
34.RPWLThe Gentle Art Of Music
35.JumpThe Beachcomber
36.Those MenTheman Simpulse
37.Crippled Black PhoenixI, Vigilante
39.BunChakezeWhose Dream?
40.Field MusicMeasure
41.MagentaLive From Real World
42.Pain Of SalvationRoad Salt One
43.arKWild Untamed Imaginings
44.Delusion SquaredDelusion Squared
45.Kingfisher SkySkin Of The Earth
46.Matt StevensGhost
48.The Orb featuring David GilmourMetallic Spheres
50.ChrisMaking SenseNetherlands

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tim Burns and Racing Hippo, Brian. Brian said: The European Perspective Top 50 albums of 2010 includes Matt Stevens, Tinyfish, Frost, Anathema,Porcupine Tree […]

  2. Thank you!
    Elena Aliboni – hurdy gurdy on “So You Finally Made It”, on arK’s “Wild Untamed Imaginings”-#43

  3. Hi Wilf – nice list! My top ten will be announced in a couple of weeks time, but I’m intrigued that my most likely number one CD doesn’t appear in your list at all! B-> Mind you, there is no right or wring in this – it’s all subjective, isn’t it?

    Kind regards

  4. A very good list:-)

    All the guys in my band,Morild,is grateful for being on your list!We’re honored:-)



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