Tinyfish – The Big Red Spark


Tinyfish – from left: Jim Sanders, Paul Worwood, Simon Godfrey, Robert Ramsay, Leon Camfield. Photo © Bo Hansson 2009

It’s said that it’s an unwise DJ who interviews his mates, but when Tinyfish released their long-awaited album, The Big Red Spark, I jumped at the chance of working with the band to put together a European Perspective special based around the talents of this very English progressive rock band. Simon and Robert came over to chez Wilf and we had a very happy Saturday putting together a show based around the Tinyfish back catalogue (with tracks selected by members of the band’s vibrant internet forum, The Fishtank), songs which all of the band members considered influential on their writing and playing, and then The Big Red Spark itself.

Thanks to Simon and Robert for taking part in the show, and to Jim, Paul and Leon for their contributions – with a special thanks to Jem Godfrey for offering his insight on the release. Above all, go and buy it from the band’s web shop – if you’ve already bought it, then go and buy copies for all your friends, too!

For more information about Tinyfish, visit the band’s website.

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