Big Big Train – Far Skies, Deep Time, interview with David Longdon

David Longdon

David Longdon of Big Big Train

In September 2010 I was lucky enough to recieve a pre-release copy of Big Big Train’s Far Skies, Deep Time EP, due for release on 25th October, together with an email from Greg Spawton saying “play the songs you like on the show”. Of course, I liked all of the tracks on first listen, and more so with every subsequent airing, and simply had to do a special based around the release. David Longdon, the band’s vocalist (and multi-instrumentalist) agreed to be interviewed for the feature, and answer questions about the EP and what the band will be up to in the future.

So here’s the feature in full, as first released on The European Perspective #87 on 26th September 2010. My thanks to David for taking part and for such an insightful interview, and to Greg, Andy, Dave and Nick from Big Big Train for being, together with David, one of the best bands on the English progressive rock scene.

Find more about Big Big Train at their website, their news blog, and at David Longdon’s blog.

Track listing

  1. From The Wide Open Sea (1:21) from The Difference Machine, 2007 – used as intro
  2. Master Of Time (7:44) from Far Skies, Deep Time, 2010
  3. Fat Billy Shouts Mine (6:34) from Far Skies, Deep Time, 2010
  4. British Racing Green (3:59) from Far Skies, Deep Time, 2010
  5. Brambling (5:00) from Far Skies, Deep Time, 2010
  6. The Wide Open Sea (17:44) from Far Skies, Deep Time, 2010

Big Big Train are:

Andy Poole
Dave Gregory
David Longdon
Greg Spawton
Nick D’Virgilio

with guests:

Danny Manners – double bass
Jon Barry – guitar
Martin Orford – keyboards

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  6 Responses to “Big Big Train – Far Skies, Deep Time, interview with David Longdon”

  1. hi guys just listened to the download of the European Perspective Programme, I’m loving the new ep songs-can’t wait for the release of this very soon.Alex Main in East Kilbride Scotland.
    p.s.just for the record Brambling is also a small chaffinch type bird which is a winter visitor to Great Britain.

  2. Thanks for the great feedback, Alex – not long now before the EP is available. Didn’t know about the bird, wonder if the BBT boys know?

  3. Brilliant EP with such a stunning version of Master of Time. Have loved this band since early days and while I was gutted that Sean left, David’s voice is mesmeric and perfect for BBT.

    A band that deserves its place as one of the very best in prog rock circles.


    David (East Kilbride)

  4. Hi,

    Any chance of re-uploading the interview? I’d really like to hear it and missed it first time around! Thanks!

  5. Hi Danny – yes, I’ll re-upload the interview this evening.

  6. have loved Big Train music for a while now , but was absolutly gob smacked when i realised it was my cousin David in it lol , lots of love aunty jean pmsl . xxx

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