More tea, Vicar?

The Amazing Wilf, cynic, mystic and occasional fool, takes you on a wonderful journey through the heady world of British and European progressive music. From the days of the sixties and seventies, when this stuff actually sold, through the New Wave Of British Progressive Rock in the mid-1980s, and bang up-to-date with the new blood. This music has never been more diverse or interesting, but in the competitive world of downloads and global marketing it’s difficult for today’s progressive acts to get the exposure they deserve and need to thrive. Wilf, therefore, concentrates on getting music by the small bands ‘out there’, while having a damn good time and a few laughs on the way.

Wilf’s programmes are initially broadcast and made available as podcasts on the Dividing Line, the premier internet progressive rock radio station. The European Perspective can be heard every Sunday at 3.00 pm British time, with the latest shows always available from the Dividing Line’s server for download or subscription via RSS.

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