Oct 292010

Happy Halloween

Everyone else seems to be doing Halloween-themed shows on DLBN this week, so I’m not. I forgot, to be honest. I’ve been so long out of the studio doing ‘specials’ that it took all of my rather limited mental acuity to put together a show at all…

So instead of ghoulish, ghostly goings on you get new music from Sunchild, Modest Midget, Pure Reason Revolution and Chris, Dec Burke ‘rebooted’, showcases for two great independent progressive band from Italy and the UK respectively, Dropshard and IT, and a tribute to the new star in the Dividing Line Firmament, A.J. Giodarno, a.k.a. Gonzo, presenter of the excellent Experiments In Mass Appeal. A progressive rock show dedicated to accessible music, rather than endless recycling of Magma albums.

Oh, and there’s some other music too – it’s all great.

(I need to get this self-publicity lark sorted, really…)

Read the full playlist for this show

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