Oct 152010

Unitopia at Summer's End: Matt Wiliams (guitar), Tim Irrgang (percussion), David Hopgood (drums), Mark Trueack (vocals), Craig Kelly (bass), Sean Timms (keyboards), Ian Ritchie (saxes). Photograph © Bo Hansen, 2010, reproduced by kind permission.

In a rare excursion out of the studio this week’s European Perspective was recorded ‘in the field’. Well, not actually in a field, but while out and about at Summer’s End 2010, and there are plenty of fields nearby so I feel justified using that description. You’ll hear thoughts from those attending the shows put on by The Resonance Association, Tinyfish, Defence of the Realm (collectively Jem Godfrey, John Mitchell, Pete Trewavas and Craig Blundell, performing songs by Kino, Frost*, Marillion and Transatlantic), Haken, arK, Unitopia, Karmakanic, Agents of Mercy, Multifuse, Dead Heroes Club, Phideaux, Sylvan and The Watch.


I also had the opportunity to interview Unitopia, playing their first show in Europe at Summer’s End. They turned in a fantastic set, and if you’re in Germany, The Netherlands or the UK and can get along to one of their gigs, then I recommend you do so! The schedule can be found at their web site.

Note: the views expressed by the interviewees in this podcast – especially those of drummers – are not necessarily those of The Amazing Wilf.

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