Sep 252010

Big Big Train

Big Big Train - from left, Andy Poole, David Longdon, Gregory Spawton, Dave Gregory and (seated) engineer Rob Aubrey

A world exclusive on this week’s European Perspective as I’m joined by Big Big Train’s David Longdon to talk about and listen to the band’s forthcoming EP, Far Skies, Deep Time which will be released on 25th October. Another excellent set of songs from Big Big Train, further consolidating their reputation as one of the UK’s premier progressive rock acts. Thanks to David, Greg and Andy for making this possible!

The EP will initially be available only to subscribers of the Big Big Train mailing list – check out their website for details of how to get on to it.

In addition there’s lots of new music this week, including Magenta, Mytho and Glass Hammer, to name but three. Also, I’ve adopted Glass Hammer as honorary Englishmen so I can legitimate playing a couple of selections from the excellent new record, If.

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  2 Responses to “The European Perspective #87 – Big Big Train: Far Skies, Deep Time”

  1. As an admirer of Big big train I came to this site, and can’t thank you enough for this show!! Listened to about 45 minutes only up to now, but I’ll listen to this over and over again. And the original demo by Anthony Phillips was to be heard too – which BBT used to make an own song of on the forthcoming EP.

    thank you VERY much :)!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the show, Georg! Nice to hear from an Anthony Phillips fan, too.

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