Dec 122009

Big Big Train are a progressive rock band from the South of England. They were formed in 1990 by guitarist and bassist respectively, Greg Spawton and Andy Poole, and in the twenty years since starting out they’ve released five albums, as well as, most recently, a substantial musical makeover of their 1997 album English Boy Wonders, which was released last year. On 15th December Big Big Train will release their sixth album, The Underfall Yard.

This week the European Perspective is given over entirely to a celebration of this uniquely English band. Starting with a look at some of the music from the albums that the band themselves say “made Big Big Train”, we then talk to Greg and Andy about the evolution and future for Big Big Train, and then to David Longdon, their new vocalist. Finally The Underfall Yard gets an airing, in its entirety, with a commentary from Messrs. Spawton and Poole which I hope you’ll agree gives the listener a fabulous insight into what this excellent album – one which I feel is destined to become a classic of the genre – is all about.

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