Dec 062009

This fiftieth edition of The European Perspective should have been the second in the much-loved (by me, at any rate) “A Curry With…” series. Curry was indeed eaten, on this occasion with Jon Hunt, and we talked about his excellent album ‘Truth & Bulls**t’, and a great evening was had. However, technology let me down again, and the recording that we made is more or less unuseable. However, not to let one complete disaster overwhelm us, this episode features some choice cuts from the jh album – to hear more, then check out Jon’s web site at Myspace where you find details on how to order the album. It’s well worth a listen.

I also have a virtual cup of tea and a metaphorical chocolate Hobnob in conversation with Jem Godfrey, to talk about Frost*’s ‘Milliontown’ album, which came top of the polls in the European Perspective ‘album of the decade’ survey. There’s a live release from Frost* early in 2010, ‘The Philadephia Experiment’, which we also touch on when we’re not giggling like maniacs.

Elsewhere in the show there’s new music from The Tangent and Panic Room, old music from Quatermass and Traffic, and a clutch of requests, together with a tribute to the late Eric Woolfson of the Alan Parsons Project who passed away at the far-too-early age of 64 on 1st December. Eric, as well as being a talented keyboard player and composer, was also the voice of the Project, and sang lead vocals on many of their biggest hits.

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