Nov 072020

More epic than Ben Hur!

In the first of at least seven shows dedicated to the art of the prog epic, David and Martin visit the worlds of Big Big Train, Wobbler, Transatlantic, The Tangent, Abel Ganz, The Neal Morse Band and The Gift. Make a cuppa, sit back, relax and wallow in the long-form progressive rock song!

Big Big Train – East Coast Racer (15:45) from English Electric: Full Power, 2013
The Gift – The Willows (12:01) from Land of Shadows, 2014
Wobbler – Hinterland (27:32) from Hinterland, 2005
Transatlantic – The Whirlwind (77:54) from The Whirlwind, 2009
The Neal Morse Band – Alive Again (26:45) from The Grand Experiment, 2015
Abel Ganz – Obsolescence (23:23) from Abel Ganz, 2014
The Tangent – Lie Back & Think Of England (28:16) from Auto Reconnaissance, 2020

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