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“Take them all out as they run across the mountin, Bodie. All except Hutchinson. He’s useful to us.”

Martin is off doing something called the Three Peaks Challenge this weekend. He’s a mad bugger. Apparently it involves running up and down hills. He does it voluntarily, apparently.

So I’m gonna spin some choons, as the kids say. Some old choons, some new choons. Choony McChoonface.

Dyble Longdon – Astrologers (05:57) from Between A Breath And A Breath, 2020
Neal Morse – Seemingly Sincere (09:34) from Sola Gratia, 2020
Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – Clean as a Whistle (06:18) from Alone Together, 2020
Sloth Metropolis – Humani2e (06:09) from Humanise, 2020
Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 1 (18:39) from The Sky Moves Sideways, 1995
Wobbler – Five Rooms (08:28) from Dwellers of the Deep, 2020
Tim Bowness – Northern Rain (04:49) from Late Night Laments, 2020
Haze – The Last Post (06:38) from Back To The Bones, 2020
U.K. – In The Dead Of Night/By The Light Of Day/Presto Vivace And Reprise (13:10) from UK, 1978
Allan Holdsworth – Ruhkukah (05:34) from Hard Hat Area, 1993
Gilgamesh – One End More – Phil’s Little Dance – World’s Of Zin (10:22) from Gilgamesh, 1975
Matching Mole – Marchides (08:25) from Little Red Record, 1972
Hatfield And The North – The Stubbs Effect/Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract)/Going Up To People And Tinkling/Calyx/Son Of “There’s No Place Like Homerton” (16:21) from Hatfield And The North, 1974
Amoeba Split – Blessed Water (12:26) from Dance Of The Goodbyes, 2010
Argos – Parade of Unpainted Dreams (04:13) from Unidentified Dying Objects, 2018
Valdez – No Stone Unturned (05:12) from This, 2017
Sanguine Hum – The Weight Of The World (14:52) from The Weight Of The World, 2013
Billie Bottle & The Multiple – Outward Morning (08:24) from Unrecorded Beam, 2013
Cosmograf – Aspire, Achieve (10:06) from The Man Left in Space, 2013
Kaipa – A Sky Full Of Painters (14:44) from Sattyg, 2014
Magic Pie – King For A Day (27:30) from King For A Day, 2015

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