May 312020

Jon, James and Wilf regroup for the second part of their Mike Oldfield extravaganza, celebrating the music released by the great man in the Eighties, culminating with his leaving Virgin Records and releasing Tubular Bells II in 1992.

Mike Oldfield –Five Miles Out (4:23) from Five Miles Out, 1982
Mike Oldfield –Mistake (2:58), single, 1982
Mike Oldfield – Waldberg (The Peak), B-side of Mistake, 1982
Mike Oldfield – In High Places (3:34) from Crises, 1983
Mike Oldfield – Crises (live) (23:15) from Crises, deluxe edition released 2013
Mike Oldfield – The Lake (12:14) from Discovery, 1984
Mike Oldfield – In The Pool (3:42), B-side of To France, 1984
Mike Oldfield – Evacuation (5:14) from The Killing Fields OST, 1984
Mike Oldfield – Mount Teide (live) (4:33) from The Complete Mike Oldfield, 1985
Mike Oldfield – Pictures in the Dark (4:16), single, 1985
Mike Oldfield – The Wind Chimes (extract) (6:23) from Islands, 1987
Mike Oldfield – Far Country (4:25) from Earth Moving, 1989
The Sallyangie – Branches (6:52), from Children of the Sun, originally released 1969, reissued 2002
Mike Oldfield – Amarok (extract) (7:05) from Amarok, 1990
Michael Oldfield – No Dream (6:01) from Heaven’s Open, 1991
Mike Oldfield – Sunjammer/Red Dawn/The Bell (11:22) from Tubular Bells II, 1992

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