Jan 032020

Welcome to the first European Perspective of 2020, and Happy New Year to you all!

In a rather impulsive and largely unplanned show, I review some of the great music of the previous two decades according to the following self-imposed rules:

  • One album per year
  • No artist represented more than once
  • At least vaguely proggy!

As this was all rather spur of the moment, Martin isn’t in this podcast, but he’ll be back soon!

Spock’s Beard – At The End Of The Day (16:28) from V, 2000
Yes – Don’t Go (04:27) from Magnification, 2001
The Flower Kings – The Truth Will Set You Free (31:01) from Unfold The Future, 2002
Kaipa – The Weed Of All Mankind (09:30) from Keyholder, 2003
IQ – Harvest Of Souls (24:30) from Dark Matter, 2004
Neal Morse – 12 (06:46) from ?, 2005
Pure Reason Revolution – The Bright Ambassadors of Morning (11:56) from The Dark Third, 2006
Phideaux – Micro Softdeathstar (11:16) from Doomsday Afternoon, 2007
Moon Safari – Bluebells (10:19) from Blomljud, 2008
Big Big Train – The Underfall Yard (22:54) from The Underfall Yard, 2009
Tinyfish – Wide Awake At Midnight (10:21) from The Big Red Spark, 2010
Sky Architect – The Campfire Ghost Song (10:01) from A Dying Man’s Hymn, 2011
Echolyn – Past Gravity (07:11) from Echolyn, 2012
Cosmograf – Aspire, Achieve (10:06) from The Man Left in Space, 2013
Abel Ganz – Thank You (06:57) from Abel Ganz, 2014
The Tangent – Codpieces And Capes (12:34) from A Spark In The Aether, 2015
Frost* – Signs (06:37) from Falling Satellites, 2016
Wobbler – Foxlight (13:19) from From Silence to Somewhere, 2017
Regal Worm – Revealed As A True Future Tyrant (05:30) from Pig Views, 2018
Guranfoe – Etsinta Harvest in the Thar Sands (09:39) from Sum of Erda, 2019

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  3 Responses to “The European Perspective 269”

  1. Spock’s Beard and Neal Morse on a European list?

  2. I’m European – it’s my perspective 🙂

  3. Hey Wilf, you might want to check out a California band called Prawg Dog. They’re listed in iTunes as “metal,” but I think that’s only because iTunes doesn’t have a prog category. Their sound is actually much closer to Allan Holdsworth than anything else. The album was recorded with electronic drums, but they have since picked up a live drummer and are gigging around the Fresno area.

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