Oct 132019

“Parker, please hurry. I want to listen to the new European Perspective”
“Is that because you fancy Martin Hutchinson, m’Lady?”
“Oh yes, Parker, he’s such a hunk!”

This time on The European Perspective:

  • New releases from Jon Hunt and Barock Project
  • Progradar’s Picks, with new and forthcoming releases from Bent Knee, Afenginn and Eloy
  • A celebration of the 40th anniversary of the release of In The Court Of The Crimson King

The Far Meadow – Travelogue (18:36) from Foreign Land, 2019
Jon Hunt – Emergency Call (04:15) from Emergency Call, 2019
Tony Patterson and Doug Melbourne – Leave This Town (04:37) from The Divide, 2019
Barock Project – Brain Damage (09:05) from Seven Seas, 2019
Porcupine Tree – The Incident/Your Unpleasant Family/The Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train/Tim Flies (20:50) from The Incident, 2009
Blackfield – Blackfield (04:07) from Blackfield, 2004
Steven Wilson – Ancestral (13:33) from Hand. Cannot. Erase., 2015
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man (07:24) from In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969
King Crimson – I Talk to the Wind (06:00) from In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969
King Crimson – The Court of the Crimson King (09:31) from In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969
Phideaux – Micro Softdeathstar (11:16) from Doomsday Afternoon, 2007
Black Bonzo – Thorns Upon a Crown (06:51) from Sound of the Apocalypse, 2007
Beardfish – Roulette (12:07) from Sleeping in Traffic, Part One, 2007
Gong – My Sawtooth Wake (13:15) from The Universe Also Collapses, 2019
iamthemorning – Six Feet (03:56) from The Bell, 2019
Cheeto’s Magazine – Ready to Rumble (05:06) from Amazingous, 2019

Progradar’s Picks
Bent Knee – It Happens (05:05) from You Know What They Mean, 2019
Eloy – Joy (03:45) from The Vision,The Sword And The Pyre (Part II), 2019
Afenginn – Vitin (the Lighthouse) (06:26) from Klingra, 2019
Franck Carducci – Torn Apart (10:17) from Torn Apart, 2015

Brighteye Brison – The Magician Chronicles pt. 2 (36:52) from V, 2019

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