Aug 112018

In this episode of The European Perspective:

  • An interview with Roie Avin, talking about his recently released book Essential Modern Progressive Rock Albums. Enter our prize draw to win a copy of the book!
  • Martin is back with Progradar’s Picks, and he completely blows my show timings out of the water
  • Listener requests from Leo Trimming, Roger Trenwith, Richard Thresh, Noel Bateman, John Simms, Rick Easton and Spike Worsley

You can order Roie’s book from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Shineback – We Rescue (04:46), single, 2018
Mike Kershaw – The Fear Quartet (22:21) from Arms Open Wide, 2018
Regal Worm – Revealed As A True Future Tyrant (05:30) from Pig Views, 2018
Psychoyogi – Reasons To Pretend (04:48) from Accident Prone, 2018
Argos – Still Fighting Gravity (05:24) from Unidentified Dying Objects, 2018
Big Big Train – A Mead Hall in Winter (15:31) from Merchants of Light, 2018

Interview with Roie Avin: Essential Modern Progressive Rock Albums
Enchant – At Death’s Door (07:16) from A Blueprint Of The World, 1995
Marillion – Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury/Now Wash Your Hands (08:14) from Brave, 1994
Liquid Tension Experiment – Kindred Spirits (06:30) from Liquid Tension Experiment 1, 1998
Spock’s Beard – Thoughts, Part ll (04:39) from V, 2000
IQ – You Never Will (04:54) from Dark Matter, 2004
Haken – Shapeshifter (08:09) from Visions, 2011
Thank You Scientist – Blood On the Radio (09:21) from Maps of Non-Existent Places, 2012
Big Big Train – Hedgerow (08:54) from English Electric: Full Power, 2013
The Dear Hunter – The Bitter Suite IV And V: The Congregation And The Sermon In The Silt (05:41) from Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise, 2015
The Neal Morse Band – Makes No Sense (04:10) from The Similitude Of A Dream, 2016

The Paradox Twin – Planeta (05:58) from The Importance of Mr Bedlam, 2018
Judy Dyble – Broken Day (04:49) from Earth Is Sleeping, 2018

Progradar’s Picks
Lux Terminus – The Courage to Be (20:57) from The Courage to Be, 2018
Blackfield – From 44 to 48 (04:30) from Open Mind – The Best of Blackfield, 2018
The Kentish Spires – The Last Harvest (13:10) from The Last Harvest, 2018
Dream Theater – Octavarium (24:00) from Octavarium, 2005

Sanguine Hum – The Weight Of The World (14:52) from The Weight Of The World, 2013

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