Nov 052017

It’s Rick Easton’s turn to choose his Top Ten albums since 2000 this time around. Rick has been listening to the show since it started in 2008, and he’s selected a cracking bunch of tunes for us to enjoy.

Martin is back with Progradar’s Picks, of course, and I’ve put together a mini-theme around the talents of Dave Stewart (the keyboard player, not the guitarist from Eurythmics!).

Public Service Broadcasting Feat. Tracyanne Campbell – Progress (03:26) from Every Valley, 2017
Public Service Broadcasting – Signal 30 (03:20) from Inform – Educate – Entertain, 2013
Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side (06:20) from The Race For Space, 2015
Public Service Broadcasting – Go! (04:13) from The Race For Space, 2015
I Am The Manic Whale – One (Hopeful Song) (07:50) from Gathering The Waters, 2017
Thumpermonkey – This Is Not A Fire (05:04) from Electricity, 2017
Human Pyramids – Big Data (03:40) from Home, 2017
Arzachel – Clean Innocent Fun (10:34) from Arzachel, 1968
Khan – Driving To Amsterdam (09:23) from Space Shanty, 1972
Egg – Wring Out the Ground (Loosely Now) (08:11) from The Civil Surface, 1974
Bill Bruford – Either End Of August (05:24) from Feels Good To Me, 1978
National Health – Brujo (10:17) from National Health, 1978
Bill Bruford’s Earthworks – Making A Song And Dance (05:56) from Earthworks, 1987
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin – New Jerusalem (09:21) from The Big Idea, 1989
Hatfield And The North – Fitter Stoke Has A Bath (04:35) from Hatfield And The North, 1974
Porcupine Tree – My Ashes (05:07) from Fear Of A Blank Planet, 2007
Kompendium – Mercy Of The Sea (06:11) from Beneath The Waves, 2012
Anathema – Universal (07:19) from We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010
No-Man – Wherever There Is Light (04:21) from Schoolyard Ghosts, 2008
Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused To Sing (07:57) from The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories), 2013
Storm Corrosion – Lock Howl (06:10) from Storm Corrosion, 2012
Opeth – Voice Of Treason (08:00) from Pale Communion, 201

Progradar’s Picks
Tiger Moth Tales – Hygge (09:13) from The Depths Of Winter, 2017
House by the Lake – Hollow (03:41) from Out Of The Woods, 2017
Premiata Forneria Marconi – We’re Not an Island (07:13) from Emotional Tattoos, 2017

Charlie Cawood – In a Floating World (03:51) from The Divine Abstract, 2017
North Sea Radio Orchestra – The British Road (07:25) from Dronne, 2016
Karda Estra – The Happy Breed (05:17) from Mondo Profondo, 2013

The European Perspective Top 250 – Rick Easton
Tinyfish – Motorville (04:54) from Tinyfish, 2006
Carptree – Man Made Machine (06:18) from Man Made Machine, 2005
Amplifier – UFOs (07:28) from Amplifier, 2005
The Pineapple Thief – Remember Us (16:09) from Variations on a Dream, 2011
Cosmograf – Aspire, Achieve (10:06) from The Man Left in Space, 2013
Combination Head – Solid Ground (05:20) from Progress?, 2007
Haken – Bound by Gravity (09:29) from Affinity, 2016
Lalle Larsson – City Of Lost Souls (10:29) from Infinity Of Worlds, 2010
Big Big Train – The Underfall Yard (22:54) from The Underfall Yard, 2009
Moon Safari – Lover`s End Pt. III (Skelleftea Serenade) (24:21) from Lover`s End Pt. III (Skelleftea Serenade), 2012

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  1. Regarding the origin of the Italian band’s name, Premiata Forneria Marconi: it was my understanding that the actual Award-winning Marconi Bakery stood across the street from a building where the band practiced, and they borrowed the moniker for a group name. Perhaps the story is apocryphal.
    Great show, by the way!

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