Oct 092021

It also offers conversation points that will help the client and contractor reach a formal and legally binding agreement based on realistic expectations and outcomes if they opt for cooperation. And as with any agreement, it is always better that those who conclude the agreement know exactly what they are agreeing on. Do not neglect the value of a specification for internal projects. While you don`t need a customer registration, it`s worth having one for you and your team. It will determine your team`s expectations and outline the tasks and results they will need to accomplish. It`s not necessarily a formal specification that you could create for a client, but some sort of SoW is beneficial for the whole team. Not only does it allow you to catch up, but it also expects the volume of work to be more flexible than it actually is. This first version of your plan is your baseline and describes each step you need to take to get from the beginning to the end of your project. You don`t just invent these things! Regardless of your industry, be sure to include the following sections in your SOW…

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