Sep 162021

Many of those who work in the capital or undergo training choose Noida for obvious reasons to rent a place – rents are cheap, while the apartments are spacious and complemented by all kinds of amenities. However, tenants who have not yet declared their lease cause problems. Noida officials will find you if you do not comply within two days; They contacted housing companies in the city to collect data on tenants. Officials will also try to determine how many people have rented apartments or houses. “We will use our sources to identify those who live rented out in different companies and settlements, but have not yet registered their agreements with the stamp tax department,” Singh said. Every year, many people migrate to UP in search of culture, education and opportunity. This, of course, results in an increased demand for rental housing within the city. If you are looking for a rental space in UP and need a lease, this page is a must. In UP, 2% of the rent + deposit is the registration fee.

If a document is not registered, it is never considered primary evidence. Instead, it is accepted as collateral evidence. “For those with a lease of 11 months or less, registration is not mandatory. However, the agreement should contain stamps equivalent to 2% of the rent in order to make the document valid. Most people make their 11-month deals to circumvent stamp duty,” said SK Singh, Deputy Inspector General, stamped.

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