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A partnership agreement, sometimes called a business partnership agreement or a general partnership agreement, is a contract used to settle a business relationship between two or more people (or companies) that collaborate. To conclude your partnership agreement, each partner needs an original signed copy of your agreement. Everyone can testify to your signature – indeed, you can testify to each other. Setting up your agreement in this way is quite effective, as all partners must be fully involved in the decision-making process and then commit to partnership principles. Don`t fall for the “We`re friends – we don`t need a contract” sign. It`s your life, it`s your money – protect it. Remember that it`s business – it involves personal relationships, but it`s a business and there are things to do. Your partnership contract is a contract between you and your partners on the “rules of engagement” in business. And in addition, if everything is really hunky dory and legitimate, the writing of contracts and the necessary papers to cover oneself will only be by for the course. A social contract is a legal agreement between two or more persons who jointly conduct transactions for profit-making purposes. These people can be companies, individuals or trusts. Some occupations can only be carried out by individuals as partnerships. The benefits of a partnership include direct distributions of profits, shared debts and capital deposits.

Disadvantages include joint liability and, in some States, joint and several liability for partnership debts. Depending on the nature of the partnership activity, there may be tax advantages and disadvantages. You should talk to your lawyer, accountant and tax advisor. Sign up to receive free training on business partnerships and to understand topics to discuss and document with your partners. If you register (and already have a company name or NBA), you have the right to receive the partnership model and course for free! A partnership has its own Tax Identification Number (TFN) and usually an Australian Business Number (ABN) and files its own separate tax return.

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