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Then, it is important to integrate the particularities of the work you are going to do. This will help ensure that you and your client are on the same side when it comes to the scale of the project. The Contractor undertakes to fulfil the obligations and tasks related to the Services within the framework of the Services. If additional services are required outside the aforementioned scope of such services, the parties will enter into a new agreement or amend that agreement. Assistants: The contractor may hire his own assistants, but he is responsible for the expenses of his assistants, such as Social Security and Medicare taxes Once these documents are completed, the customer should have sufficient time to verify the contents and attachments. If he or she intends to comply with this agreement, the customer must sign the “Customer`s Signature” line and enter the current “Date” calendar in the “XXIV” section. Global agreement. After signing their name, the customer must indicate the printed version of their signature in the “Print Name” line. Remember that a contractor-client relationship is a business relationship, not an employer-employee relationship. This part of your contract with an independent contractor may say something like, “[Your name] is an independent contractor and not an employee of [customer`s name].” You may also indicate that you know, at your discretion, how, when and where you meet the conditions of your contract as an independent contractor and that you are responsible for providing the necessary tools for the performance of the work. Discuss all the tasks and results that the customer expects to be completed and define a Scope Creep addressing process. If you have a backup plan, you can make sure that changes are approved quickly so you can get the project back on track in case of setbacks.

It will be important to consolidate how this agreement should be successfully concluded. This will give both parties the structure to know when the service agreement we are debating will have to be terminated. Section “VII. Termination” appears with three control box instructions that are used to define the action to end this employment relationship. If this service contract is not deemed to be honoured until the independent contractor has provided all the services requested, mark the first check box. . . .

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