Apr 152021

“We agreed so much on the desire for a marriage that it was said, “Well, it was easy, it`s done,”” Ben says. With contract templates available on the LawDepot website, Krista wrote a first pre-nup project. “But almost, because it was so easy to reconcile, he was de-derriorized,” Ben continues. Caught up in wedding planning and family life, they spent the time signing a pre-Nup. So after they got married, they changed their contract to post-nup. Let us also not forget that millennia have experienced many first-hand divorces when they were children, and most of them have gone without pre-nup or post-nup. These divorces, however necessary, did not last ten minutes in most cases and ended with a hug. As naïve as it is, people in their twenties and early thirties now see marriage contracts as a way to eliminate the most chaotic, expensive and saddest realities of divorce, by actively, together and ideally on potential assets and conflict problems before the nerves are exhausted. Because of their complex financial life, celebrities and very wealthy post-nup characters relatively often – although, in general, all we know publicly is that a high-level couple has a post-nup when they divorce. Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch had a post-nuking that they updated after the birth of their two daughters – and thanks to their undisputed agreement, a judge concluded the couple`s divorce in 2014 in 10 minutes.

Then the Exeshugged have before following their separate paths. Seal and Heidi Klum signed a post-Nup that meant the singer didn`t get a portion of the Project Runway host`s $70 million fortune. Seal threatened to challenge the deal, but eventually agreed. Another reason why a couple can enter into a post-uptial agreement is that they are considering a divorce or separation and want to streamline the process (while minimizing legal costs). In this context, a post-nup could be introduced in the divorce decree, by the allocation of spot assistance and the distribution of property, while the court is not bound by these provisions. Suzanna, who lives in Kansas and runs her own small business, signed a post-nup five years after her marriage to her husband, after inheriting a surprising fall after her father`s death. It was an involvement in the business that his father had built all his life. With her came the responsibility of managing a number of assets and valuable investments to take care not only of Suzanna and her grandson, but also of her adult sisters and her aging mother. The family asked Suzanna and her husband to sign a post-Nup. But Anita Chlipala, a relationship therapist in Chicago who often advises couples recovering from infidelity, says a post-Nup can help restore trust – along with therapy and a sincere effort to address the underlying problems that led to fraud.

“If a person doesn`t work, if they are a parent at home or earn significantly less than their partner, there is a power gap that a post-nup can address,” says Chlipala. “They find out that their spouse has cheated, and they feel so helpless.

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