Apr 122021

Improved merchandise trade opportunities: The EPA guarantees access to the EU market without tariffs or quotas for Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini. South Africa enjoys new market access under the EU-South Africa Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA), which currently governs trade relations with the EU until October 2016 (when the EPA came into force on an interim basis, which lifted the trade component of the TDCA). The new access includes better trading conditions, particularly in agriculture and fishing, including wine, sugar, fish products, flowers and fruit preserves. The EU will benefit from new valid access to the southern African customs union (whose products include wheat, barley, cheese, meat products and butter) and will have the security of a bilateral agreement with Mozambique, one of the region`s LDCs. The Commission also announced yesterday that it has concluded a bilateral trade agreement with Ecuador. When SA submitted its trade offer to the EU in June 1997, it requested free trade with asymmetric coverage of all trade and trade sectors as well as special protocols for sensitive products. He also called for development and funding measures to promote further regional integration and facilitate the adaptation process in southern Africa. The outcome of the negotiations is in line with the wto requirements of Article XXIV of the 1994 GATT. Coverage of the free trade agreement will account for about 90% of current trade between the contracting parties, with the following: SACUM countries have expressed serious concerns about the final outcome of EU-UK trade negotiations and the impact on trade relations between SACUM countries and the UK. An agreement between the EU and the UK will help strengthen the security and continuity of the SACUM-UK agreement with the uk`s withdrawal from EU customs territory. If the EU and the UK fail to agree on an agreement, their trade relations will be governed by World Trade Organisation rules.

This means that the UK is treated like any trading nation that does not benefit from preferential trade with the EU. As part of economic change, the government has adopted a policy to reposition and reintegrate the South African economy into a rapidly changing global economy.

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