Apr 112021

(2) Towards a service in Alaska or Hawaii as part of a written service agreement relating to the public service; or (c) You travel because of your agency`s mission to recruit or retain you as an employee to fill a position requiring specific qualified staff or to hold a position in a remote area. No. 302-3.216 – When do I start my first trip by trip from Alaska or Hawaii? If you do not subscribe to your service time under your new service contract for reasons that are not acceptable to your agency, you will have to pay the government: (b) you are on an order abroad and you have signed a new service contract to stay on your position abroad or to change service abroad; or if you are travelling to another overseas location (instead of the United States), you will only get a refund if your actual home is in the country where you are taking your vacation, and you will only be reimbursed for your authorized travel and transportation expenses. You must pay all fees above your authorized amount. 302-3.228 – Is my creditor, who has turned 21 abroad, allowed to return the trip to my actual residence at the government`s expense? If you violate your new service contract, the government will only reimburse you for the return trip and transportation to your actual place of residence if you have not received all of your benefits under a previous service contract in which you have successfully completed your required service time. The government will then allow you to reimburse the return and transportation costs of your former service to your actual place of residence. If there is an additional charge, you have to pay the difference. No, you don`t have to spend time in your actual place of residence to get a refund if you`re traveling anywhere else in the U.S. (except your actual place of residence). You can only receive a refund for extended stays if you are travelling between two locations within the United States, if you are an employee travelling from Alaska or Hawaii, and no, you do not receive a refund for extended stays, unless your return trip is in a service located in the same state as the one from which you travelled. Background: Federal authorities authorize requests to relocate persons listed in 302-1.1. These persons must sign a service contract stipulating that the person undertakes to serve for a minimum period after relocation, and in accordance with section 302-2.14 of the DIRECTIVE. Before completing the first mission, a RAT agency may propose to a staff member to carry out a new mission at the same OCONUS site or at another site, if staff agree to the conditions set out in the FTR -302-3.212.

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