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12. The tenant keeps the aforementioned machinery and equipment, insured on behalf of the company, with a recognized insurance company and pays the premium as soon as it is due and regularly due. The insurance policy will be given to the company and the tenant will provide the company with the premium certificate or Xerox copy of the company from time to time. If the tenant does not insure these machines and facilities or pays the premium at any time, the company has the right to insure the same insurance or pay the premium (without prejudice to its other rights under this agreement), as the case may be, and the costs incurred by the business are paid by the tenant upon request to the company. At First Response, we believe that our customers should be satisfied with everything before signing their lease. In addition, rental-sales systems can encourage individuals and businesses to purchase goods that are beyond their means. You can also pay a very high interest rate at the end, which does not need to be explicitly stated. 8.5 If the postman terminates the contract in accordance with point 8.4 of the contract, the seller is entitled to terminate the service contract with the contract for the performance of current/recurring transactions. 1.6 The cost of goods is the purchase price of the goods plus VAT levied by the VAT Act. A lease-sale (HP), [1], also known as a increments plan or never-never-before, is an agreement by which a customer accepts a contract to acquire an asset by paying an upfront amount (for example. B 40% of the total) and refunds the balance of the assets plus interest over a given period. Other similar practices are described as a closed lease or a lease-to-own.

30. If, at the time of the decision of this agreement, the tenant, by date or other period, does not deliver these machines and equipment to the company without litigation, the company has the right to sue or initiate another procedure to recover the ownership of the business, and the tenant is required to bear all costs, costs and expenses incurred by the company on that behalf, subject to an order. 21. If the tenant is declared insolvent or authorizes the installation of these machines and equipment in the execution of a decree or a court order or recovery of government expenses, or if a beneficiary is appointed by the court or by a creditor, this agreement on the execution of such an event is closed. Leasing contracts (HP) differ from leases by expressly offering the customer an option to purchase the asset at the end of the life. 3. Information provided by the buyer/tenant (the other party).4. The date the asset is leased and the lease period.5. Name, type, model no and make active assets.6. Details of installation costs and the person they will bear.7 The cash price of the asset.8. The rental purchase price (total of all payments – down payment – fee) 9. Payment data: 31.

In the event of a dispute between the parties to or in connection with the agreement, whether it is the nature of the interpretation or the meaning of a clause in this agreement or a claim by one against the other, or in another way, the same thing is referred to the arbitration procedure of a common arbitrator, if it is agreed upon. Otherwise, two arbitrators of one per party and arbitration is governed by the Arbitration Act, 1940.

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