May 182013

Bonnie Tyler, representing the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. WIll she win? (no) Will her plastic surgery fail spectacularly? (could be)

Back in the days when The European Perspective wasn’t the international phenomenon it is now (May 2009) one of the show’s most loyal listeners, David Pearson, suggested I put together an episode which presented a sort of alternative Eurovision Song Contest, featuring some great progressive rock tunes from the countries featured in the competition. I can remember I got rather obsessive-compulsive about tracking down obscure prog bands from different countries, and in the end came up with this.

Listening back to it I’m struck by just how crap a DJ I was then. Not that I’m really much better now, of course…but if you could do with a giggle, this might just fit the bill.

Myself, I’ll be watching Eurovision tonight with a few bottles of beer and savoury snack food. It’s a tradition here at TEP Towers, and one which you could do worse than follow!


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