Sep 012012

The band weren't too sure how the new drummer was going to work out - good job Greg had NDV on speed-dial. (Photograph © Amy Mumford, 2012)

In this special bonus edition of The European Perspective I interview Greg Spawton, Andy Poole, David Longdon and Dave Gregory from the English progressive rock band Big Big Train, on the eve of the release of their much-anticipated new album, English Electric Part 1.

Expect sizeable chunks of the album interspersed with the chat, and a sneak preview of material from the second installment of English Electric which won’t be released until 2013.

Thanks hugely to Greg, Andy, David and Dave for a very enjoyable afternoon, and of course for the music!

Rather uniquely for The European Perspective I’ll be hosting a live chat session in The Dividing Line IRC channel from 4 am PST (mid-day UK time) on Sunday 2nd September 2012 while the show streams. Simply point your IRC client at and head for the channel #dividingline or alternatively use the web client available at

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  6 Responses to “The European Perspective #161 – Big Big Train & English Electric”

  1. what’s the neat little piece of music played at the start of the show?

  2. It’s ‘Winchester Driver’, from the 2009 Big Big Train Album ‘The Underfall Yard’.

    (The best pricees that you will find anywhere for Big Big Train CDs is at the band’s own website

  3. I think you’ll find it is ‘Diver’ not ‘Driver’

  4. You are absolutely right – how daft of me.

  5. (Of course, the guy who asked the question in the first place probably doesn’t care any more)

  6. Quite true, just can’t help being a pedant sometimes ?

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