Mar 182012

Eve wonders how she can get the internet on this apple so she can listen to The European Perspective.

I’ve had a few suggestions recently to do an episode of The European Perspective featuring female-fronted bands on the current scene. So…I’ve started compiling a playlist, but thought it might be kind of fun to get you all involved by voting for your favourite track by a progressive rock band who are on the scene at the moment, and who have at least one singer who’s a woman. Send your suggestions to – I’ll put them all together and make a show out of it!

In the meantime, as I’m taking a break this weekend I’m ‘reloading’ an episode of TEP from January 2008 in which I first covered this theme, albeit featuring some bands and artists who haven’t been recording for a good long while.

Daughters of Eve, we salute you. Again…

View the playlist for this show.

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