Mar 252011

I’d planned a new releases show this week, but the Forces of Darkness (well, okay, a nasty head cold) have conspired against me, making recording anything pretty much out of the question.

So, a week earlier than planned, I present Mr. Guy Manning in the third and final show of the series we recorded last month. This time Guy talks about some of his favourite music by artists on the contemporary progressive rock scene, as well songs by a couple of acts who don’t fit neatly into that category. It’s all good stuff though, and as ever Guy’s commentary on the music is erudite and witty.

Manning are headlining the Progmeister festival on Saturday 26th March in Hartlepool – if you can get to it, and haven’t yet got a ticket then I heartily recommend you go along. It’s a great lineup, and an excellent chance to see Guy and the band in action.

View the playlist for this show.

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