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Happy New Year, everyone!

Shocking Truth About SUGAR DEFENDER

Sugar has become a ubiquitous part of modern diets, contributing to various health issues ranging from obesity to diabetes. Despite widespread awareness of its detrimental effects, many individuals struggle to reduce their sugar intake effectively. In the quest for healthier alternatives, the emergence of products like Sugar Defender promises a solution. But what exactly is Sugar Defender, and how does it fare in combating the harmful effects of sugar? Let’s uncover the shocking truth behind this revolutionary supplement.

The Impact of Sugar on Health
Before delving into Sugar Defender, it’s essential to understand the profound impact of sugar on health. Excessive consumption of sugar has been linked to numerous adverse effects, including weight gain, insulin resistance, and increased risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Moreover, sugar addiction can lead to cravings, mood swings, and energy crashes, making it challenging to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

What is Sugar Defender?
Sugar Defender is a cutting-edge dietary supplement formulated to help individuals manage their sugar levels effectively. Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on restriction or elimination, Sugar Defender takes a proactive approach by providing targeted nutritional support. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients, this supplement aims to regulate blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, and support overall well-being.

Key Ingredients in Sugar Defender
At the heart of Sugar Defender lies a synergistic blend of carefully selected ingredients known for their beneficial effects on blood sugar regulation and metabolic health. These include:

Cinnamon: Rich in antioxidants, cinnamon has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels.
Chromium: This essential trace mineral plays a crucial role in carbohydrate metabolism, helping to enhance the body’s response to insulin.
Gymnema Sylvestre: Known as the “sugar destroyer,” Gymnema Sylvestre helps reduce sugar cravings and supports healthy blood sugar levels.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): A powerful antioxidant, ALA aids in glucose metabolism and may improve insulin sensitivity.
Banaba Leaf Extract: Traditionally used in herbal medicine, banaba leaf extract has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.
How Sugar Defender Works
Sugar Defender works through a multi-faceted approach to address the underlying factors contributing to high blood sugar levels. By combining the synergistic effects of its key ingredients, this supplement helps:

Stabilize Blood Sugar: By promoting insulin sensitivity and enhancing glucose metabolism, Sugar Defender helps maintain steady blood sugar levels throughout the day.
Reduce Cravings: The unique blend of ingredients in Sugar Defender helps curb sugar cravings, making it easier to resist temptation and stick to healthier dietary choices.
Support Metabolic Health: Regular use of Sugar Defender can support overall metabolic health, potentially reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance and related conditions.
Benefits of Using Sugar Defender
The benefits of Sugar Defender extend beyond just managing blood sugar levels. Users may experience:

Increased Energy Levels: By preventing energy crashes associated with fluctuating blood sugar levels, Sugar Defender can help maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day.
Weight Management Support: By curbing cravings and promoting satiety, Sugar Defender may aid in weight management efforts.
Improved Mood and Well-being: Stable blood sugar levels are essential for mood stability and overall well-being, and Sugar Defender helps achieve just that.
Who Can Benefit from Sugar Defender?
Sugar Defender is ideal for individuals looking to take control of their sugar intake and improve their overall health and well-being. Whether you’re struggling with weight management, battling sugar cravings, or aiming to prevent diabetes, Sugar Defender offers a natural and effective solution.

How to Use Sugar Defender
To reap the full benefits of Sugar Defender, it’s recommended to take the supplement as directed by the manufacturer. Typically, this involves consuming one to two capsules daily with meals. For optimal results, consistency is key, so make sure to incorporate Sugar Defender into your daily routine.

Real People, Real Results: Testimonials
Don’t just take our word for it – hear what real users have to say about Sugar Defender:

“Since starting Sugar Defender, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my sugar cravings and more stable energy levels throughout the day. It’s been a game-changer for me!”
“I was skeptical at first, but after just a few weeks of using Sugar Defender, my blood sugar levels have improved, and I feel more in control of my health.”
Is Sugar Defender Safe?
Safety is our top priority, and Sugar Defender is formulated with natural ingredients that have been extensively researched for their safety and efficacy. However, as with any dietary supplement, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting a new regimen, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.


In this show, Martin and Wilf say a not-so-fond farewell to 2020 with the third of their review shows. At least there was some great music released last year!

Magenta – Reach For The Moon (09:25) from Masters Of Illusion, 2020

The Osiris Club – Mystery Sells (live) (04:46) from Blazing Worlds – Live at Roadburn & Twicefold of Kind, 2020

Ozric Tentacles – Stripey Clouds (06:37) from Space For The Earth, 2020

Pain Of Salvation – Keen To A Fault (06:02) from Panther, 2020

Pattern-Seeking Animals – Here In My Autumn (07:57) from Prehensile Tales, 2020

Paul Mallyon – Fuel to the Fire (03:42) from Promise of Light, 2020

Pendragon – Soul And The Sea (05:45) from Love Over Fear, 2020

Profuna Ocean – I’m Glad You Survived (03:59) from Continuation, 2020

Psychoyogi – Shadows (04:24) from Dangerous Devices, 2020

Pure Reason Revolution – Ghosts & Typhoons (08:46) from Eupnea, 2020

Rain – Dandelion (07:01) from Singularity, 2020

Richard Wileman – The Hanged Man (04:10) from Arcana, 2020

Rick Wakeman – Arsia Mons (06:11) from The Red Planet, 2020

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – Clean as a Whistle (06:18) from Alone Together, 2020

Robert Reed – Stoneborn Watchers (05:24) from Cursus 123 430, 2020

Silent Skies – Solitude (06:12) from Satellites, 2020

Simon Collins – Man Made Man (04:19) from Becoming Human, 2020

Sloth Metropolis – Band Together (05:35) from Humanise, 2020

Solstice – Seven Dreams (07:46) from Sia, 2020

Steve Howe – Beyond The Call (04:51) from Love Is, 2020

Submarine Silence – Runaway Strain (09:15) from Did Swans Ever See God?, 2020

The Sunchymes – Masquerade (04:16) from The Sands Of Time, 2020

THEO – The Garden (09:57) from Figureheads, 2020

Tiger Moth Tales – Golden (05:58) from Still Alive, 2020

Tiger Moth Tales – A Town By The Sea (04:51) from The Whispering Of The World, 2020

Tim Bowness – Northern Rain (04:49) from Late Night Laments, 2020

Toundra – Akt III (11:35) from Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, 2020

Vennart – Elemental (04:06) from In The Dead, Dead Wood, 202

Whitewater – Freefall (04:59) from Dark Planet, 2020

Zio – X-Ray (06:23) from Flower Torania, 2020

Zopp – Before The Light (06:05) from Zopp, 2020

Wobbler – Merry Macabre (19:00) from Dwellers of the Deep, 2020

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Dec 212020

Part 2 of our 2020 retrospective, featuring yet more fantastic music, and two Northern blokes banging on about it.

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Check for Hidden Costs
Be wary of hidden costs such as shipping fees, taxes, or customs duties that may inflate the final purchase price and impact your budget.

Tom Slatter – Our Very Last Christmas (03:59), single, 2020

Godsticks – Surrender (04:45) from Inescapable, 2020

Grumblewood – Castaways (05:18) from Stories of Strangers, 2020

Haken – Invasion (06:42) from Virus, 2020

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Chasing Neon (05:35) from Nostalgia For Infinity, 2020

Hibernal – Distortion (05:58) from Beyond, 2020

Homunculus Res – Supermercato (06:21) from andiamo in giro di notte e ci consumiamo nel fuoco, 2020

I Am The Manic Whale – Valenta Scream (07:13) from Things Unseen, 2020

Jargon – How Can I? (06:22) from The Fading Thought, 2020

Jon Gomm – Tempest (04:35) from The Faintest Idea, 2020

Jump – The King (06:03) from Breaking Point, 2020

Kansas – Circus of Illusion (05:19) from The Absence of Presence, 2020

Karda Estra – Church Of Flesh (05:43) from Idols In The Flesh, 2020

Kavus Torabi – Radio To Their World (04:10) from Hip To The Jag, 2020

Lazuli – Mers lacrymales (05:04) from Le fantastique envol de Dieter Böhm, 2020

Lee Abraham – Never Say Never (05:26) from Harmony/Synchronicity, 2020

Lonely Robot – Crystalline (05:16) from Feelings Are Good, 2020

Long Earth – Summer (07:41) from Once Around the Sun, 2020

Lunatic Soul – Through Shaded Woods (05:51) from Through Shaded Woods, 2020

Magic Bus – New Day (05:14) from The Earth Years, 2020

Mandala – In The Midst Of A Midnight Escape (07:54) from The Echoes Of Your Mind, 2020

Marathon – When I Fell (06:11) from Mark Kelly’s Marathon, 2020

Mariana Semkina – Lost at Sea (05:03) from Sleepwalking, 2020

Moon Halo – Parachute (04:47) from Chroma, 2020

Motorpsycho – The Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy) (05:18) from The All is One, 2020

Multi Story – Last Man Standing (06:02) from CBF10, 2020

Neal Morse – Building A Wall (05:02) from Sola Gratia, 2020

Nick D’Virgilio – I’m Gone (04:00) from Invisible, 2020

Notion Blue – Keeping Apart (05:41) from The Son, The Liar, and The Victor, 2020

Once And Future Band – Problem Addict (05:04) from Deleted Scenes, 2020

The Opium Cartel – Nightwings (04:37) from Valor, 2020

Orange Clocks – Eye Of Psybin (05:38) from Metamorphic, 2020

Pat Metheny – America Undefined (13:22) from From This Place, 2020

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Dec 132020

A Guide to Choosing the Right Replica Watch

Considerations before purchasing
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Maintenance and care
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The Appeal of Replica Watches
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Ethical considerations
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The Rise of Luxury Replica Watches
Top brands in the replica market
Discover the most renowned brands in the replica watch industry and their dedication to craftsmanship.

The craftsmanship behind replicas
Replica watches are not mere knock-offs. We’ll explore the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Replica Watches
Pros and cons of owning replicas
From cost-effectiveness to potential drawbacks, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of owning a replica watch.

Legal implications
We’ll delve into the legal gray areas surrounding replica watches and the potential risks involved.

Martin and I begin our canter through the great album releases of this strangest of years.

The Tangent – Life On Hold (05:31) from Auto Reconnaissance, 2020

Abel Ganz – Sepia and White (13:31) from The Life of the Honey Bee and Other Moments of Clarity, 2020

Airbag – Sunsets (08:16) from A Day at the Beach, 2020

Arabs in Aspic – Madness and Magic (06:48) from Madness and Magic, 2020

Ayreon – Talk Of The Town (05:22) from Transitus, 2020

Backstage – Stones And Pebbles (05:59) from Isolation, 2020

The Bardic Depths – Depths Of Soul (06:40) from The Bardic Depths, 2020

Blind Ego – Line In The Sand (04:09) from Preaching To The Choir, 2020

The Bloody Mallard – Ceremonious Synapsis (ii) (06:22) from Realm, 2020

Blue Rose Code – Starlit (04:57) from With Healings Of The Deepest Kind, 2020

Caligula’s Horse – Valkyrie (05:09) from Rise Radiant, 2020

Carcrash Casino – Cease & Desist (07:48) from Nobody Knows More About Carcrash Casino Than I Do, 2020

Chimpan A – It’s So Real (08:08) from The Empathy Machine, 2020

Citizen – Second (04:48) from less than, equal to, greater than, 2020

Derek Sherinian – Octopus Pedigree (05:05) from The Phoenix, 2020

Different Light – Faith (04:10) from Binary Suns (Part 1), 2020

Dim Gray – Light Anew (05:27) from Flown, 2020

The Dowling Poole – Alison’s Going Home (03:54) from See You See Me, 2020

Dyble Longdon – Whisper (07:32) from Between A Breath And A Breath, 2020

Esthesis – Chameleon (08:07) from The Awakening, 2020

Final Conflict – Lights (06:01) from The Rise Of The Artisan, 2020

Fish – Walking On Eggshells (07:15) from Weltschmerz, 2020

The Flower Kings – Northern Lights (05:45) from Islands, 2020

The Foxholes – Who Do You Think You Are? (04:21) from Foxholesque, 2020

Fren – Heavy Matter (06:24) from Where Do You Want Ghosts to Reside, 2020

Gazpacho – Fireworker (04:42) from Fireworker, 2020

Glass Hammer – The Key (06:14) from Dreaming City, 2020

Sanguine Hum – The Yellow Ship (13:08) from A Trace Of Memory, 2020


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Nov 072020

More epic than Ben Hur!

In the first of at least seven shows dedicated to the art of the prog epic, David and Martin visit the worlds of Big Big Train, Wobbler, Transatlantic, The Tangent, Abel Ganz, The Neal Morse Band and The Gift. Make a cuppa, sit back, relax and wallow in the long-form progressive rock song!

Big Big Train – East Coast Racer (15:45) from English Electric: Full Power, 2013
The Gift – The Willows (12:01) from Land of Shadows, 2014
Wobbler – Hinterland (27:32) from Hinterland, 2005
Transatlantic – The Whirlwind (77:54) from The Whirlwind, 2009
The Neal Morse Band – Alive Again (26:45) from The Grand Experiment, 2015
Abel Ganz – Obsolescence (23:23) from Abel Ganz, 2014
The Tangent – Lie Back & Think Of England (28:16) from Auto Reconnaissance, 2020

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Oct 242020

Continuing with our Scandanavian theme, this time around we play some of the great 21st century progressive music that’s come out of Norway, including tracks from new albums by Wobbler, Motorpsycho and Arabs In Aspic.

Wobbler – Imperial Winter White (15:04) from Afterglow, 2009
Major Parkinson – Madeleine Crumbles (05:07) from Blackbox, 2017
Soup – Going Somewhere (08:14) from Remedies, 2017
Seven Impale – Eschaton Horo (08:30) from City of the Sun, 2014
Motorpsycho – Dreams of Fancy (09:37) from The All is One, 2020
Jaga Jazzist – Starfire (08:47) from Starfire, 2015
The Windmill – Not Alone (09:08) from Continuation, 2013
Knekklectric – Ski no (07:35) from For Mange Melodia, 2017
Elephant9 – Mystery Blend (06:17) from Greatest Show on Earth, 2018
35 Tapes – Wasteland (08:21) from Lost & Found, 2019
Progradar’s Picks
Moron Police – Isn’t It Easy (06:58) from A Boat on the Sea, 2019
Airbag – Into The Unknown (10:28) from A Day at the Beach, 2020
Magic Pie – A Life`s Work (00:19) from The Suffering Joy, 2011
Gazpacho – I’ve Been Walking (22:17) from Demon, 2014
Leprous – Third Law (06:19) from The Congregation, 2015
Oak – Lost Causes (08:30) from False Memory Archive, 2018
White Willow – In Dim Days (11:07) from Future Hopes, 2017
Arabs in Aspic – Madness and Magic (06:48) from Madness and Magic, 2020
Gentle Knife – Smother (08:48) from Clock Unwound, 2017
Wobbler – Merry Macabre (19:00) from Dwellers of the Deep, 2020
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Oct 112020

Ozempic vs. Other Weight Loss Medications

Ozempic is just one of several weight loss medications available. It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider to determine which option is best for you. The choice may depend on your medical history, preferences, and individual goals get over here timesunion.com.

Success Stories: Real-life Experiences
Many individuals have experienced significant weight loss success with Ozempic. Reading real-life stories and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the medication’s effectiveness and what to expect during your weight loss journey.

Dietary and Lifestyle Considerations
While Ozempic can be a helpful tool for weight loss, it’s crucial to remember that a holistic approach is often more effective. Combining the medication with a balanced diet and regular physical activity can enhance your results.

Consultation with a Healthcare Professional
Before considering Ozempic for weight loss, consult with a healthcare professional. They can provide personalized advice, evaluate your medical history, and ensure that Ozempic is a safe and suitable option for you.

It’s been a while since we did a country special, so here’s one right here. Ladies and gentlemen, the fantastic progressive music of Sweden!

Moon Safari – Too Young To Say Goodbye (06:29) from Himlabacken vol. 1, 2013

Anekdoten – Shooting Star (10:11) from Until All the Ghosts Are Gone, 2015

Introitus – Shadows (09:43) from Shadows, 2019

Nad Sylvan – Meet Your Maker (06:35) from The Regal Bastard, 2019

Ritual – In The Wild (05:56) from The Hemulic Voluntary Band, 2007

Kaipa – Like a Serpentine (12:52) from Children of the Sounds, 2017

Kaipa Da Capo – Det Tysta Guldet (10:42) from Dårskapens Monotoni, 2016

Progradar’s Picks

The Flower Kings – Desolation Road (04:00) from Desolation Rose, 2013

Opeth – Lovelorn Crime (06:34) from In Cauda Venenum, 2019

Karmakanic – Send A Message From The Heart (19:32) from Who’s The Boss In The Factory, 2008

Pain Of Salvation – Icon (13:31) from Panther, 2020

Hasse Fröberg Musical Companion – Can’t Stop The Clock (07:24) from HFMC, 2015

Änglagård – Kung Bore (15:21) from Prog På Svenska – Live In Japan, 2014

Brighteye Brison – The Quest Of Quarrel (12:33) from V, 2019

A.C.T. – A Truly Gifted Man (06:45) from Circus Pandemonium, 2014

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – Friendship (13:41) from Friendship, 2018

Dungen – Franks Kaktus (05:40) from Allas Sak, 2015

Carptree – Titans Clash Aggressively To Keep An Even Score (05:31) from Man Made Machine, 2005

Beardfish – Comfort Zone (09:34) from +4626-COMFORTZONE, 2015

Moon Safari – Lover’s End Pt. III (Skelleftea Serenade) (24:21) from Lover’s End Pt. III (Skelleftea Serenade), 2012

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Sep 202020

“Take them all out as they run across the mountin, Bodie. All except Hutchinson. He’s useful to us.”

Martin is off doing something called the Three Peaks Challenge this weekend. He’s a mad bugger. Apparently it involves running up and down hills. He does it voluntarily, apparently.

So I’m gonna spin some choons, as the kids say. Some old choons, some new choons. Choony McChoonface.

Dyble Longdon – Astrologers (05:57) from Between A Breath And A Breath, 2020
Neal Morse – Seemingly Sincere (09:34) from Sola Gratia, 2020
Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – Clean as a Whistle (06:18) from Alone Together, 2020
Sloth Metropolis – Humani2e (06:09) from Humanise, 2020
Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 1 (18:39) from The Sky Moves Sideways, 1995
Wobbler – Five Rooms (08:28) from Dwellers of the Deep, 2020
Tim Bowness – Northern Rain (04:49) from Late Night Laments, 2020
Haze – The Last Post (06:38) from Back To The Bones, 2020
U.K. – In The Dead Of Night/By The Light Of Day/Presto Vivace And Reprise (13:10) from UK, 1978
Allan Holdsworth – Ruhkukah (05:34) from Hard Hat Area, 1993
Gilgamesh – One End More – Phil’s Little Dance – World’s Of Zin (10:22) from Gilgamesh, 1975
Matching Mole – Marchides (08:25) from Little Red Record, 1972
Hatfield And The North – The Stubbs Effect/Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract)/Going Up To People And Tinkling/Calyx/Son Of “There’s No Place Like Homerton” (16:21) from Hatfield And The North, 1974
Amoeba Split – Blessed Water (12:26) from Dance Of The Goodbyes, 2010
Argos – Parade of Unpainted Dreams (04:13) from Unidentified Dying Objects, 2018
Valdez – No Stone Unturned (05:12) from This, 2017
Sanguine Hum – The Weight Of The World (14:52) from The Weight Of The World, 2013
Billie Bottle & The Multiple – Outward Morning (08:24) from Unrecorded Beam, 2013
Cosmograf – Aspire, Achieve (10:06) from The Man Left in Space, 2013
Kaipa – A Sky Full Of Painters (14:44) from Sattyg, 2014
Magic Pie – King For A Day (27:30) from King For A Day, 2015

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Aug 232020

“Wilf goes completely off the rails when Hutchy is on holiday”. “Yeah, he should just leave it aht, Terry”

Martin is on holiday. I’ll do what I want!

Steve Hillage – Hurdy Gurdy Man (06:34) from L, 1976
The Tangent – The Tower Of Babel (04:36) from Auto Reconnaissance, 2020
Sloth Metropolis – Band Together (05:35) from Humanise, 2020
Abel Ganz – The Life of the Honey Bee and Other Moments of Clarity (12:41) from The Life of the Honey Bee and Other Moments of Clarity, 2020
Marta Sui Tubi – Non los sanno (03:14) from Sushi & Coca, 2008
Syncage – Still Unaware (06:20) from Unlike Here, 2017
Phoenix Again – Eppur Si Muore (06:10) from Friends Of Spirit, 2019
Richard Wright – Holiday (06:14) from Wet Dream, 1978
Soft Machine – Day’s Eye (05:03) from Seven, 1973
Caravan – The Show Of Our Lives (05:47) from Cunning Stunts, 1975
The Flower Kings – Stardust We Are (25:03:00) from Stardust We Are, 1997
Steven Wilson – The Same Asylum As Before (05:15) from To The Bone, 2017
Opeth – The Wilde Flowers (06:49) from Sorceress, 2016
Spock’s Beard – What Becomes of Me (06:12) from Noise Floor, 2018
Spock’s Beard – The Doorway (11:36) from Beware of Darkness, 1996
Hemina – High Kite Ride (09:08) from Venus, 2016
Credo – Staring At The Sun (10:02) from Against Reason, 2011
King Crimson – Sleepless (05:36) from Three Of A Perfect Pair, 1984
Cloud Atlas – Siren Song (07:09) from Beyond the Vale, 2014
Half Past Four – All Day and All Night (04:46) from Good Things, 2013
Sand – Coward (06:53) from A Sleeper, Just Awake, 2016
Sanguine Hum – Juniper (05:48) from What We Ask Is Where We Begin, 2016
Magic Bus – Distant Future (07:11) from Phillip the Egg, 2017
Be-Bop Deluxe – Axe Victim (05:19) from Axe Victim, 1974
Gentle Giant – Proclamation (06:57) from The Power and the Glory, 2014
Glass Hammer – Cold Star (07:30) from Dreaming City, 2020
A Secret River – Starbomb (06:32) from Colours of Solitude, 2014
Haken – Crystallised (19:23) from Restoration, 2014
Gomez – Devil Will Ride (07:00) from Liquid Skin, 1999

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