Sep 012012

The band weren't too sure how the new drummer was going to work out - good job Greg had NDV on speed-dial. (Photograph © Amy Mumford, 2012)

In this special bonus edition of The European Perspective I interview Greg Spawton, Andy Poole, David Longdon and Dave Gregory from the English progressive rock band Big Big Train, on the eve of the release of their much-anticipated new album, English Electric Part 1.

Expect sizeable chunks of the album interspersed with the chat, and a sneak preview of material from the second installment of English Electric which won’t be released until 2013.

Thanks hugely to Greg, Andy, David and Dave for a very enjoyable afternoon, and of course for the music!

Rather uniquely for The European Perspective I’ll be hosting a live chat session in The Dividing Line IRC channel from 4 am PST (mid-day UK time) on Sunday 2nd September 2012 while the show streams. Simply point your IRC client at and head for the channel #dividingline or alternatively use the web client available at

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  1. what’s the neat little piece of music played at the start of the show?

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